Captain Koala issue 1 - Introducing Captain Koala


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'Captain Koala'

Issue 1 - Introducing Captain Koala

Cover of Captain Koala issue 1 - Introducing Captain Koala Writer
James Clifton
Daniel Esperado
Cover Art
Anthony Larcombe
This is the issue where Captain Koala and Jolly Joker meet for the first time.
Captain Koala has only lived in a National Park and has never been to the city before so he tags along with Jolly to see what life is like, but maybe he picked the wrong person to show him the world. Jolly Joker is member of A.S.S (Australian Secret Service) who stop at nothing to keep the peace in Australia.

In this issue Jolly Joker is on the trail of gun smugglers. The smugglers are always one step ahead of the A.S.S, but will they keep it that way?

Jolly Joker meets Brenton (the Camel on the front cover) who have a violent history that dates back to when they went to primary school together!
Brenton is with his mate Hagar and together they try to smuggle guns through Captain Koala's park. After he loses them in the park Jolly Joker must then chase Brenton into the outback of Australia.


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Captain Koala Copyright James Clifton 1989 - 2012