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Captain Koala Welcome to Koala comics, Home of Captain Koala.

I remember when I started this comic in 1989, I was in high school and I wrote it as a joke. When I had finished I didn't think much of it but some people gave me some pointers on how to make it better, I also thought if I improved it then I could use it to get a job writing.

Unfortunately life doesn't go as planned and in my case (like nearly 98% of the population) my life went nowhere near where I thought (or hoped!). But I always had CK (Captain Koala) in the back of my mind. In 1991 I met an artist who needed something to do for his portfolio so I gave him the CK script and 'Captain Koala' was born as a comic book.

In 1992 'Southern Aurora comics' needed some material for their comic so I gave them CK to publish; at that stage I had 3 issues done.
After being published I got some really nice feedback so I decided to do it full time; in 1995 I published 5 issues for the international market but my sales were only just covering my printing costs so I had to stop. Captain Koala

After I stopped publishing I started to receive messages from people asking what happened and when was the next issue coming out? So in 1996 I published issue 6, 1998 was issue 7, 2000 was issue 8 and issue 9 made it out in 2002. Since then i've gained a wife, 2 step children and a child of my own!

So now we come to the year 2012 where things have got to the stage where I wish to edit issues 1 - 9 and publish them, along with issue 10, into a graphic novel.

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Captain Koala Copyright James Clifton 1989 - 2012