Star in a Captain Koala comic book!


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Want to star in a comic book?

I am now offering people a chance to be in the comic book. You will be drawn into the next available comic as a character, with a name of your choice (whether your own name or not is up to you - I do reserve the right to reject a name though).

If you wish to be in it then you will need to send me 2 photos, one side on and the other a front on shot.
Contact me for more details.

  • US$100 to be a minor character in one issue.
  • US$1,000 to be a major character in one issue.
  • US$10,000 A member of the Secret service.


  • You may choose to be a Good or Evil character.
  • If you wish to have a recurring characters then it will 50% of the original fee for each subsequent issue.
  • If you wish to be an evil character then you may request that your character is not guilty of particular crimes (Paedophilia for example); a request like this will be respected and approved.
  • You are welcome to make requests for your character (for example - die heroically, guilty of a particular crime); these requests will be considered but not guaranteed.
  • Minor characters will be in the comic on average 2-4 frames per comic; major characters will be 2-4 pages.
  • Even though it is assumed that you want to use your own name the character can be given any name you wish.

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